Chapter One: Sanju buys a brand new vehicle, her first. She had assiduously saved for this event over past 3 years. So the spanking red sedan arrives and she proudly brings her parents and siblings to the showroom and then they take their first ride. Hmm all nice until a…

Warren Buffet, the world’s leading investor, refused to invest in a startup company. Had he invested $100,000 in that company in 1997, it would have grown to around 50 million dollars by 2017! That startup was Amazon!

Why would anyone invest in a startup? A few reasons are listed below:


When an infectious disease simply known as Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, little did the denizens of this planet know what would ensue. Later dubbed as Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID19, it spread chaos and panic around the globe prompting all countries to order partial and total lockdowns. It…

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A branding and marketing firm focusing on giving brands a life of their own.

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